KPOP Drama OST Hit Collection Vol. 2 - Portada
  • Precio:

– Sin poster: S/54

– Con posters: S/76

  • Incluye: 2 CD + 2 Posters: Gu Family Book y Two Weeks (opcional)
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 20/02/2012
  • Track list (Disco 1):
01. Jal Innayo (“Best Wishes to You”) – The One (Gu Family Book)
02. Hancham Jinaseo (“After a Long Time”) – Baek Ji Young (Rooftop Prince)
03. Biga (“Song of Sorrow”) – Yim Jae Bum (Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love)
04. I Saramida (“This is the Person”) – Dickpunks (Two Weeks)
05. Du Ppyame Daki Jeone (“Before Touching Two Cheeks”) – Byul (Golden Time)
06. Kkumeseorado (“Even in My Dreams”) – Zia (Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love)
07. Hanbaljjakdo Nan (“But I’m Just One Step”) – Jung Yup (49 Days)
08. Meoneun Sarangida (“You are the Love”) – Seo In Young (Incarnation of Money)
09. Sarangi Apeuda (“My Love is Hurt”) – Lee Sang Gon (Gu Family Book)
10. Jal Aljido Motamyeonseo (“They Don’t Know”) – Lyn (Protect the Boss)
11. Dasi Mannamyeon (“Meet Again”) – Ji Chang Wook (Warrior Baek Dong Su)
12. Hangeoreum (“One Step Closer”) – Tiffany (All About My Romance)
13. Jikyeojulge (“I’ll Protect You”) – Kim Jae Joong (Protect the Boss)
14. Dan Hanbeonman (“Just Once”) – Min Ah (Jungle Fish 2)
  • Track list (Disco 2):

01. Hey Girl – B1A4 (The Thousandth Man)
02. Yakhansaram (“I Get Weak”) – Verbal Jint (Golden Time)
03. Sweet Boy – Seung Ah (Unemployed Romance)
04. Nuga Mworaedo (“No Matter Who”) – Supernova (Jungle Fish 2)
05. Hey Boy – EXID (The Thousandth Man)
06. Remember – TVXQ (Palace S)
07. Neoui Usan (“Your Umbrella”) – Block B (The Thousandth Man)
08. Georeumeul Meomchugo (“Stop Walking”) – Super Junior-K.R.Y (Snow Flower)
09. Sarangui Gyejeol (“Season of Love”) – Rumble Fish (Jang Ok Jung, Living in love)
10. Neukkimi wa (“I Can Feel It”) – Navi (49 Days)
11. Super Hero – Lee Seung Hwan (Evasive Inquiry Agency)
12. I can do it – Taru (Jungle Fish 2)
13. Joheun Saram (“Good Person”) – Shin Jae (Unemployed Romance)
14. Naeiri Omyeon (“If Tomorrow Comes”) – Scenery with Riding Bicycle (If Tomorrow Comes)

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